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Company Overview

ONESource Consulting is a Belgium based recruitment, employment agency founded in response to the market demands for more flexible, cost effective, tailored recruitment solutions. It aims at providing high quality services to provide the best outcomes in the recruitment and employment of personnel from a diverse set of business sectors.

“An organization which invests wisely in identifying superior talent, building competent teams increases its operational maturity faster than its competitors” This is the principle on which ONESource stands. With a reliable, passionate and performing team at its disposal, the organization is able to develop unique and efficient business processes, enabling it to be transformational in its Industry.

Acting as a seamless extension of the Client(s) human resources department, ONESource Consulting handles sourcing, skills evaluation, preliminary interviewing, recruiting of potential applicants against the available open job positions.

Who We Are

Our founders who are veterans in the staffing/recruiting world witnessed the recruitment Industry undergoing a dramatic transformation, that is from being a ‘Relationship’ business to a ‘Numbers’ game resulting in poor quality resumes/applicants being presented to Customer(s) and thereby negatively impacting the Customer(s) goals and objectives.

As an answer to this problem, OneSource Consulting was born.

At OneSource Consulting, we believe that when the focus is only on numbers, be it number of customers or applicants, the quality drastically decreases. Our team have proven time and again that by merely focussing on the quality of candidates that we present as opposed to concentrating on the ‘Number’ of applicants against a job order(s), successful hires can be produced.

FOCUS is the buzzword and the guiding principle of our team.

Why Choose Us

ONESource Consulting aims at becoming a true consulting partner to its Clients as opposed to being considered as just another Vendor, we understand that in order to do this and stand apart from the crowd and ‘Differentiation’ should be the key.

The parameters which make us different are:

Building Strong Relationships
Building Strong Relationships

Our philosophy is to take every company we work with and make them a client for life. We take the same approach with our Contractors as our ultimate goal is to retain each consultant on our payroll and continually find his or her next IT contract assignment. To the prospective client, this means a tighter bond with our IT contractors, and thus, lower attrition rates. These relationships foster numerous referrals too.

Our Industry Knowledge
Our Industry Knowledge

We understand that the lack of Industry knowledge can be a ‘Pain Point’ in our relationship with our Clients. At ONESource Consulting we pride ourselves in our ability to understand Clients Industry as well as they do. Having a vertical market focus and the expertise of our staff to service “Niche Skills’, have helped us gain recognition among our Clients.

Recruiting Competency
Recruiting Competency

Our team of seasoned front-line managers, have the hands-on experience in listening to Clients, understanding their needs and then identifying potential applicants before screening and hiring them, this offers a more complete evaluation of work environments and more insightful interviews. We ensure the right fit by assessing personality and behaviour, as well as skills and knowledge by asking questions and doing our due diligence.

Turn around Time TAT
Turn-around Time (TAT)

When you combine a robust database of IT professionals and a work ethic like ours, you get a recruitment agency which delivers. Depending upon the urgency of the open job order(s), our team work around the clock to ensure that they provide the best possible candidate that meets your IT job requirements within 24-48 Hours.